Thursday, 29 March 2012

Take the Handmade Pledge Today!

Today, Friday, the 30th of March at 8:33 am (Australian Time) I finally took the Handmade Pledge.

I have been thinking about taking the pledge for a while now, but I guess I have never really gotten around to making the commitment.

So here and now I say to the world that:
I pledge to consider handmade alternatives for all of my purchases, whether they are for everyday items or gifts, for myself, my family or my friends.

I also add as an extention of this pledge that where handmade may not be an option, I pledge to consider the second-hand alternative.

Have you taken, or are thinking of taking, the Handmade Pledge?

The Beginning of a New Day

The first post of my new blog, yay!
I have been wanting to have a blog lately, but I have never really been able to keep it going past the first few posts (if that) so I am determined to do it. Hence this blog.

I hope to post at least once a week (but don't hold me to it) about my trials and tribulations, successful and not so successful attempts at being more self sustainable, more orientated around homemade and homegrown and more handmade or secondhand as opposed to buying something new and mass produced in factories.

I hope to give you, dear reader, not only an interesting read through my struggles, but also help you if your interested in your own adventures in suburban self sustainability through the documentation of my own.

Until next time,